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Pain Relief Treatments

Acupuncture is used as an adjunct treatment or an acceptable alternative to treat an ever-growing list of disorders: addiction, stroke, headache, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, infertility, pregnancy problems, dental pain, and side effects from cancer treatment.


Treatment for Knee pain and Headaches:

I am a physician with 32 years of experience in a busy medical practice. Although I have always enjoyed excellent health, I recently have developed several problems which were interfering with my way of life. These problems include developing arthritis in my right thumb, pain in my right knee, headaches and more recent a lack of energy. I was unable to solve these problems nor were my medical colleagues. Dr. Peter Zhou with his excellent skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine, was able to make a noticeable change from the very first treatment. All of the above problems have been markedly improved. As the result of these changes, my husband began treatments for some problems he was experiencing, with much success. Since then, my father, step mother, daughter and son in law have all received much benefit from treatments by Dr. Peter Zhou. - Dr. Jacqueline D.

Treatment for Stomach Pain:

My western medical doctor sent me to an X-ray test for stomach ulcers one Monday. In the afternoon on the same day, I went to Dr. Peter Zhou and told him that in the morning I had gone for an x-ray test. Dr Zhou took my pulse, looked at my tongue, and said, "It is not your stomach, your spleen in weak and it is affecting your stomach." three days later I got the X-ray results. Nothing wrong with the stomach.
I feel doubly comfortable with the fact that Dr Zhou also has Western Medicine training in his background.
I have had six treatments so far for insomnia, the weakened digestive system, and a nasty flu. I have not felt this good and strong for many months. I highly recommend Dr. Zhou's treatments for any ailments and conditions. - Miyako S.

Treatment for Neck, Lower Back and Shoulder Pain:

I suffered from a serious neck condition which neither my own doctor nor a Chiropractor could help me with. After Dr. Peter Zhou's treatment the symptoms have virtually disappeared.
Since then Dr. Zhou has treated my lower back and shoulders with great success and I feel better than ever. - Wiebke O.

Treatment for Elbow Pain:

I contracted RA 10 years ago. I tried all kinds of alternative treatments including vitamins, diets, Chiropractic, Homeopathic, Osteopathic, antibiotics and pain killers. With none of these seeing much success, I did some research and discovered that these treatments were only treating the symptoms and not the root of the problem. After having my knee replaced, I decided to try acupuncture, as nothing else was helping my pain. I started with Dr. Peter Zhou in the Fall of 1999, and was amazed at the rate of recovery and decrease in pain. I can now move my right elbow again and even brush my teeth with my right hand. - Issabella R.

Treatment of Herniated Disk and Neck Pain:

I originally went to see Dr. Zhou with a 9mm herniated disk in my lower back – I had tried traditional methods such a physiotherapy, massage & chiropractic therapy, all of which did little to ease the debilitation pain I was in & did nothing to cure the condition – this went on for nearly a year before I got a CAT scan & finally knew what the problem was. At this point I was referred to a surgeon for back surgery.
Two friends recommended acupuncture as it had worked for them. Dr. Zhou's name was given to me by my physiotherapist. I also had neck pain.
After my first visit I felt much more comfortable and my neck problem had almost disappeared. I had treatment with Peter weekly for about 8 to 10 weeks and during that time I was notified twice that my name was at the top of the list for surgery – the first time I asked to be put at the bottom of the list ( this was after only 3 or 4 visits for acupuncture) and the second time I asked to be taken off the list for good. In fact my herniated disk is gone! I skied 20 plus days last year on Whistler / Blackcomb with no back problems at all.
Quite simply Dr. Peter Zhou gave me back my life – my only regret is that I didn't go to see him the day after my injury occurred ( the injury was done water skiing).
On my first visit Peter showed me some testimonials from other clients and one of these cases was Bell's Palsy – a condition I had not heard of but about, 18 months later I became afflicted with this condition – the right side of my face collapsed - similar to the symptoms of a stroke. Traditional doctors told me they have no proven treatment for Bell's Palsy – steroids can be used but there is no conclusive proof that they make any difference and the side affects can be nasty. Peter treated me for about 3 months and the condition is almost completely gone – the only reason it took so long was because I didn't get treatment for a couple of months after I became afflicted - Peter advised me to start treatment immediately but I live out of town and was busy so I waited to see if it would go away by itself – it didn't.
The guy is a miracle worker – once while I was being treated for my back injury I phoned to cancel an appointment as I had the flu – chills, fever, could't eat, stomach issues etc. I was told to come in as Peter could help with flu as well! Next day I could eat again and no fever or shakes – others I knew with the same flu took 4 days to a week to get over it.
Thank you so much Peter – you have given me life changing treatment twice. - Tony M. (Pemberton BC)

Treatment of Lower Back and knee Pain:

I had been suffering for years with low back pain. I was advised to see a chiropractor, however, after several treatments without any improvement I gave this up.
Dr.Zhou gave me acupuncture and massage. After 4 treatments I felt a noticeable improvement in my back. As a matter of fact, I felt better than I had in years. The most amazing result of Dr. Zhou 's expertise and knowledge came when I traveled to Europe during August and September 2005, I suddenly experienced such acute pain in my left knee that I was hardly able to walk a few steps. I went to a specialist who x-rayed my knee and told me that I would have to get a knee replacement since the knee could not be repaired any more. When I arrived back in Vancouver I went to see Dr. Zhou and showed him the x-rays the specialist had given to me to show my doctor. Dr. Zhou just told me that I now needed weekly treatments of acupuncture and application of herbal poultices on my knee. After 3 – 4 treatments, I have no more pain in my knee. I walk 2 hours daily without any discomfort. I can only say, Dr. Zhou 's professional knowledge and experience are quite extraordinary and I am so grateful that I had the good fortune to meet him. - Rose G.


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